Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas’ gift

Christmas’ gift

By May Kwek

Christmas is a time most dear
A time of wondrous giving
When the goodwill of all the year
Fills the air with blessing

When smiles grace every face
A gift to themselves and all
And music plays in every place
And there always seems to be more

When friends send cards and letters
With just simple greetings
But what really matters
Is the thoughts that they are bringing

When family can gather around
And put simply put aside
The subjects that make so many frown
And sit round the fire’s light

Oh yes Christmas is filled with joy
From these little presents
And every little girl and boy
Learns that this is the reason

That Christmas is such a wonderful thing
Because it is always giving
It is the spirit with which the air sings
It is the song of rejoicing

For with Christmas came
The greatest gift of all
The one with the dearest of names
Our Saviour, born for all

Merry Christmas!

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Have you heard?

Have you heard?

By May Kwek

There is a gossip in the marketplace
There is a rumour in Bethlehem
Listen! Listen!
Can you hear them?

“Have you heard?” in a voice low
The women quietly say
That the King invited 3 wise men
To dine with him today?

I have heard they carry great gifts
Myrrh, frankincense and gold
Why are they coming here?
What stories have they been told?

“Have you heard?” in a voice of awe
The men quietly whisper
That Zachariah speaks again?
And Elizabeth is a mother?

They say the child is named John
That he will be the voice in the wilderness
Imagine, just imagine
Who he will herald in greatness!

“Have you heard?” in joyous laughter
The children ask as they play
I’ve heard a voice in the wind whisper
That the Angels will sing today!

I wonder why they are singing
Is something happening today?
I have asked mother and I have asked father
But they haven’t heard so they say

“Have you heard?” in exultation
Asks the Angels on high
A miracle is about to happen
Oh let out a glorious cry!

Oh Bethlehem! They cry
As they gather to sing
Have you heard? They ask
You will welcome the King!

“And have you heard?” in a mighty voice
Asks the Almighty God
I have descended from heaven
To with the lowest trod

For tonight I will come
And be among my creation
For you whom I dearly love
I’ve come to bring salvation!

Oh have you heard?

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Give me a Grateful Heart

Give me a Grateful Heart

By May Kwek

Give me a grateful heart Lord
Open my eyes to see
The wondrous things that you have done
For the world and for me

The azure blue sky
The wind in the trees
The good green earth
And the boundless seas

The good weather on a bad day
The message from a friend
A smile from a stranger
When you fall, a helping hand

Oh Lord, give me ears to hear
To hear deeds of your love
To hear and to know
Who you are above

The music of the birds
The rippling of a stream
The roar of a wave
The whisper of a dream

The friendly hellos
The longing goodbyes
Words of encouragement
That bring tears to the eye

Oh Father give me the heart
To feel and truly know
The one to whom
I owe my soul

The one who built the mountains
Who studded the night sky
Who planted the forests
And taught birds to fly

The one who first laughed
The one who the desperate saves
The one who for one and for all
Died and his life gave

Oh give me the heart Lord
So I can finally see
Who you are
And who you’ll always be

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek



By May Kwek

He asked for a miracle
In the deep dark night
And somewhere, someone
Switched on the light

But he didn’t see and so he asked again
For a miracle once more
And somewhere on a beach
A turtle laid eggs on the shore

So he asked again, for he didn’t know
And nearby a baby cried
The first sound it had ever made
Before that fateful night

The man covered his ears
And asked for a miracle again
And as the sun rose outside the window
A flower bloomed on the plain

He smiled at the flower but wanted a miracle
So he kneeled down and prayed
And his daughter saw the flower
And rose from the darkness she was laid

He saw no miracle and asked again
For a miracle did he plea
“Hooray! A miracle!” he cried
He had won the lottery

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Exultation of the sea

Exultation of the sea

By May Kwek

Look out to the sea!
From the unending shore
Look out! Look out!
It goes on forevermore!

Shinning in golden sun
The silver sparkling waves
With the crystal beauty
The glorious day has gave

Ships sail over it
Clouds dance in the shimmering light
Oh wondrous and wondrous!
The sea so bright!

Taste the salty sea air
As it lingers on your tongue
And within lies a song
That the sea breeze has sung!

Hummed by the whales
In their revels deep
Oh the unending sea!
Where beauty never sleeps!

Where the day sings its song
And the stars by night dance
Where the bold, brave and free
Set out to take their chance

Where dreams and hopes
Skip merrily with the waves
Where promises are met
And seeking hearts are saved

Oh look out! Look out!
Let no man pine on the shore
For behold the glorious sea
Goes on forevermore!

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

Monday, October 16, 2017

Deeds great and small

Deeds great and small

By May Kwek

He built a tall and sturdy tower
And labelled it with his name
She sat down with a lonely child
To play a simple game

He made grand speeches
That drew universal cheer
She spoke a helpful word
Every day for a year

He ran a glorious race
And held the medal up to the crowd
She cleaned up another’s mess
And never said what it was about

When he spoke, people gathered round
And filled the gaps with praise
When she spoke, the intended heard
And a spirit was raised

When he walked through the halls
People got out of the way
When she walked through the streets
It was an ordinary day

And when he died he had a statue placed
With the wish ‘remember me!’
When she died the world forgot
And she faded even from memory

And so it is till that last final day
When they meet the Master above
And finds he cares not for idle fame
But little acts with great love

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

Friday, October 13, 2017



By May Kwek

Our world is filled with lights
From the first blush of dawn
To the golden shining rays
Of the sun at morn

They are beautiful in all colours
Brimming with life and joy
Like the stars that guide the sailors home
After a voyage of toil

Yet they are pensive too
So quiet and serene
Like the moonlight floating down
In gentle shifting beams

Or excitable like fireworks
Blazing through the night
Sparkling like golden dust
With their shimmering light

Or worse still, the herald
To disaster and death
Like the red blaze of a fire
In the midst of its theft

But they can also be life giving
As the rays of the sun
Bestowing growth to all that lives
Until the day is done

For all lights give clarity
Opening our eyes to see
Either the world around us
Or within what we’ll be

And what marvellous lights and wonders
I’ve seen wherever I’ve roamed
And each telling a story
That I have never known

But perhaps the light I love best
Is the one not distant and unknown
But the flickering lights in the night
That tell me I’ve come home

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek