Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I’ll wait

I’ll wait

By May Kwek

Man counts progress in hours
The Lord by years and a day
From the springs that grow into winters
Rather than the sun that fades away

Years though long seem short
Under his knowing eye
A chick that cries now for a moment
Becomes an eagle that flies

So now though it seems glum
And naught is as I planned
I can girdle myself to wait
Until I understand

That everything has a time
And everything has a moment
And until that time, that time
Don’t speak yet, listen!

For there’s a plan in action
Clicking in slowly by the days
From little words, thoughts, actions
That are thrown our way

At the right time they’ll fall in
Exactly as they should
But with a plan stretching years
Only at the exact moment they would

And until the last piece is in place
In days, weeks, years, decades
Because I know he has a plan
I can content myself to wait

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

Life’s path

Life’s path

By May Kwek

All are travelers on the road of time
Running over life's messy plains
Falling, stumbling, running, striving
Ending then seeking to run again

For our paths were counted
Long ere we knew they exist
The paths we took, those we forsook
All lead to the end as it is

And along the way we forgot
That we’re all going the same way
And both the strong and the weak
End with a last day

So we fought, we struggled
For the ephemeral success
Without a chance or a pause
To consider what’s truly best

We pushed fellow travelers aside
To the glories we ran!
Never cared, never looked
Just did everything we can

But the paths we travel
However long they might be
End in the same destination
Man’s fated destiny

Where all the glories we picked up
We’re forced to cast aside
And we are as we are
Without a place to hide

And at the time and at that end
There is no U-turn at the bend
So now though that time is far from me
What should I do on the path before me?

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dreaming in the night

Dreaming in the night

By May Kwek

Take me to the moon
High up amongst the stars
For when you dream touching the heavens
Dreams don’t seem so far

The stars twinkle down their good wishes
The night would lend its fancy
And dreams which were so vague
Begin to gain some clarity

The clouds shift their forms
Into the landscape of your dreams
And they seem so real, just beyond
Almost in reach it seems

And you could be content forever
High up in the air
Dreaming dreams with the stars
Without a thought or care

Unknowing to the passing hours
Or of the daylight’s morning ride
They don’t exist, there’s only
You, your dreams, the night

Until you float down to solid ground
As the sun rises and the moon bids adieu
But the hope you found so far above
Will always remain with you

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

Saturday, April 22, 2017



By May Kwek

All men to great deeds aspire
For it some men rise from circumstance dire
Ever they seek to rise higher and higher
If one has run far, the other farther

Aye they seek with chisels of wax
To on Time immortal carve a crack
If possible to carve a name
And lend to it glory and fame

In striving so they’ve shed many a tear
Sweated blood, suffered in fears
Broke their back, lost family and friends
Striving always, till the end

And at the end, did they ever know?
Time’s many notches were infamy so
And those who on Time’s wall blazed a name
Cared more of others and less of fame

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Today is the reason

Today is the reason

By May Kwek

It is Easter today
And for the very first time
I wonder why I’ve never celebrated it
With ornaments of rhyme

For today, today is the reason
The reason for my hope’s joy
The reason why we press on
With faith none can destroy

Yes, today, today is the reason
I can bow my head and pray
Call the Almighty “Father”
It’s an audacious thing to say

Today! Yes today!
Is the reason I can live
The reason despite all life’s troubles
Some have heart to give

Today, yes it’s the reason
That prisoners can be free
That all lost souls can be found
And sorrow flees

For it is today! Two thousand years past
Amidst the tears that wouldn’t dry
That Hope rose from the dead
And dried every eye

And today is special
For just one reason
For today, yes today
He has risen!

Happy Easter!

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Evening chimes

Evening chimes

By May Kwek

Grey slants strolled down the corridor
As I watch quietly by
The end of the day is coming
And the world’s waving goodbye

The blue sky has turned whiter
Like whispers of mist
The wind blows softly now
Like a goodbye kiss

The trees are losing their shine
As the skies turn grey
Sunset is soon but not yet!
It’s only nearing the end of day

Flowers fold their buds to sleep
The birds return to their nests
The songs of morning are now quiet
As fits this peaceful time best

You would have thought me sad
That a beautiful day had to end
But nay, I still smile
For I have the wind for a friend

And the wind would not let any mourn
Or even frown at the end of a day
For it flew in and sang to me
Before it went on its way

And it brushed the wind chime as it flew
And how those chimes sang!
Crystal clear, bright and light
Like a silver bell they rang!

And as I listened to its song
Each note seemed to say
Enjoy the night and its splendor
For tomorrow’s another beautiful day

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

Friday, January 6, 2017

The Strike

By May Kwek

This poem is based off a scene in the 1855 book North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. In the scene, there is a strike and when the strikers hear that their employer had tried to break the strike by hiring non union Irish workers, they riot outside his home and he comes out to face them. 

In that time they referred to employers as Masters and I have kept it in my poem. 

The situation

The air isn’t dark but it rumbles
The sun shines but there is fear
People run and shout, demanding things
Yet oddly their demands are clear

It’s a strike turned into a riot
“Raise our wages!” they declare
And the Master emerges from his house
And fixes them with his stare

We pause the scene for a moment
Let’s enter each of their minds
The Master and the workers
And see what we might find

The Master

They call me cruel, so many have
Unfeeling, uncaring, proud
Look at them, my workers
What a rowdy crowd

I have done an honest business
Indeed I truly have
But it doesn’t run on charity
Indeed it couldn’t have

It must make money, it must
Or else everything will end
So I cannot raise wages
I am being squeezed on both ends

If I fail, and I might
This whole place will shut down
Everyone here that I support
Will be squashed into the ground

I have hundreds of livelihoods
Dependent on that monthly check
It’s my duty to keep it coming
Even if enough it lacks

I have spent the money
Keeping the air they breathe clear
Lost both pounds and pennies
So that they can still be here

Yet, it’s not enough, it wasn’t enough
I have done all I can
What more do you ask of me?
I am just a man

The worker

I have slogged long and hard
Days and nights I slaved away
To put food on the table
To live till the next day

I cough, I fall ill
I came to work anyway
Life is too short, too precarious
To afford to waste that day

I have given my life
So that I can keep living
If not for me then for my family
Who are at home starving

I have given all I have
For this measly check
These meagre pennies
Aren’t equal what I can’t take back

It’s not enough to live on
My back’s against the wall
I’ve tried everything
Everything! Every and all!

Yet, it’s not enough, it wasn’t enough
I have done all I can
What more do you ask of me?
I am just a man

The Conclusion

The scene is still paused dear readers
I cannot will it to move
For peeking into both their thoughts
I find that I’m confused

For I came here expecting
To support the weak and disparage the strong
But I found a situation so terrible
And no one really wrong

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek